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These awesome portraits, depicting gorgeous drag queens with only half of their faces made up, were all shot by photographer Leland Bobbé for an ongoing series entitled Half-Drag. “My intention with Half-Drag is to capture both the male and the alter-ego female side of these subjects in one image.” The photos are as fascinating as they are beautiful. 

Visit Vogue Italy to view all of the Half-Drag project photos that Leland Bobbé has created thus far. Half-Drag is an ongoing, non-commercial project, so if you like what you see, you might consider supporting Bobbé’s project by contributing here.

[via Flavorwire]

Good God this is beautiful.

Oftentimes I find myself wishing I had an outrageous drag persona - I personally think recreating myself in such a glamorous, art-driven way would be thrilling. These are awesome and stunning photos. My personal favorite is the second one; I love how her look is somewhat grounded in reality and yet still explodes with beautiful color. She’s gorgeous to boot. The last one is also a favorite; look at those sexy, sexy eyes, both with and without makeup.